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Faded Sandpaper

Choose to color your life with JOY

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JOY ART אירנה בודאגוב

Original custom

A unique way to add a personal touch to your home design. My artworks are tailored to your personal style and style, by size, and sad style, making it easy for you to find something that fits perfectly with your home decor you can find a variety of designs and options to choose from. In addition, I offer a free consultation so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. Let's create together a dreamy atmosphere for your space.

Candlestick and candle cases 

Light up your home with the amazing candles and sconces I created inspired by my artwork. The cases are the perfect way to bring a touch of creativity and elegance to your living space. The beautiful colors on the glass add a special sparkle to any room and create an atmosphere of peace and joy. I have created a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from, these works of art will transform your space into something special. Create an atmosphere of comfort, with the added glow of candlelight, which will make you calm, and pleasant and put a smile on your face.

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Faded Sandpaper

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