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My story

My name is Irena Budagov, also known as JOY. I started my unique artistic journey in my 20s when I completely fell in love by accident. I fell in love with the movement of the brush, the variety of colors and textures I discovered, and the countless possibilities that were available to me in realizing my vision on a white canvas.

I am a self-taught artist and creator in the beginning I would use what the digital world made available to me, through which I learned about colors, techniques, a play of light and shadow, aesthetics, and more. I gifted my works to my family, friends, and colleagues, and by doing so I felt that I was giving a part of myself.

for me Art is a process, this is a certain path that I walk on, and the tools that I carry with me on this journey are the people that I meet, the thoughts and feelings, and emotions. I draw my inspiration from different sources of life, sometimes routine and sometimes surprising, from the nature around me, from music, dance and dance, other trainers, designers, and new ideas I come across, all my personal experiences are reflected in the art I present.

I give each painting a part of my story, a part of myself. My story is about choice, the choice of bringing color into our lives, the choice of what to focus on from the experiences and feelings we go through in life. I believe in building and shaping our self, consciousness, and spirit, by developing positive perspectives on life and with this energy to continue the journey of life.

JOY ART אירנה בודאגוב

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