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My story

My name is Irena Budagov, also known as JOY. I started my unique artistic journey in my 20s when I completely fell in love by accident. I fell in love with the movement of the brush, the variety of colors and textures I discovered, and the countless possibilities that were available to me in realizing my vision on a white canvas.

I am a self-taught artist and creator in the beginning I would use what the digital world made available to me, through which I learned about colors, techniques, a play of light and shadow, aesthetics, and more. I gifted my works to my family, friends, and colleagues, and by doing so I felt that I was giving a part of myself.

for me Art is a process, this is a certain path that I walk on, and the tools that I carry with me on this journey are the people that I meet, the thoughts and feelings, and emotions. I draw my inspiration from different sources of life, sometimes routine and sometimes surprising, from the nature around me, from music, dance and dance, other trainers, designers, and new ideas I come across, all my personal experiences are reflected in the art I present.

I give each painting a part of my story, a part of myself. My story is about choice, the choice of bringing color into our lives, the choice of what to focus on from the experiences and feelings we go through in life. I believe in building and shaping our self, consciousness, and spirit, by developing positive perspectives on life and with this energy to continue the journey of life.

JOY ART אירנה בודאגוב

questions about JOY

  • What is a custom piece?
    Custom artwork is a great way to add personality and style to your home or office space. They are made especially for the person and his space. You can create custom artwork, a new piece on a blank canvas or order a print of an original piece or an upgraded print. In cooperation with you, I take into account the size, style, design line of the house or office as well as other parameters. I see custom work as our joint creation, according to your personal taste to create the desired and unique atmosphere for you. Contact
  • What is the process for ordering a custom piece?
    The process is simple. Introduction call - face-to-face, video or telephone. The conversation includes advice and guidance depending on what you like and are looking to create. Sending photos of the space for which the piece is intended, a style reference, shades and/or design references or photos for additional inspiration according to the requested line, including measurements and sizes. You receive a quote according to the size, style and other parameters according to what we want to create together. Transfer of an advance of 30% of the offer price in favor of starting work on the piece. Starting work with excitement. Because it is always there at the beginning of a new creation, I start the creation process with good energy to bring the desired character to the creation while connecting internally to the creation, to the energy I bring and of course to myself. There is a possibility of slight changes after sending the final drawing, at the same time I try to share also in the middle of the process, I already said that this is a joint creation. I send the final drawing as a picture and agree on a delivery date. Contact
  • Are there deliveries to the whole country?
    Yes, I send my works all over the country. And yes, my works are also enjoyed abroad. I like to get to know and reach people from all over the world and in some cases, when possible, I manage to arrive together with my work in homes, this is my way to connect and bring more of myself personally. More details about the deliveries can be found here.
  • How long from the moment of ordering does the painting hang with me?
    From the moment the first advance payment is transferred I undertake to deliver the artwork within 21-28 business days. And from there it goes off depends on you 😉
  • What is the difference between a print and an upgraded print?
    The prints are of the original works, digitally printed on canvas, when the upgraded print is with the addition of strokes of acrylic paint on top of the print, in this way the printed work gets a new life, and thus I can also give uniqueness to a print to create the feeling of an original painting. And all this to allow you a variety of options to enjoy my art and creation.
  • What materials do you use?
    In my canvas paintings, I use acrylic paint base, thanks to the many possibilities that are possible when working with acrylic. In addition, I also combine colors and other materials such as spray, color powders, in a design paste that I sometimes mix with other materials to create a new and interesting texture, different types of brushes that I sometimes make myself, painting knives, yellow pages. That are very prominent in a large part of my works, and everything that can bring the balance and depth that I want to get on the canvas. I regularly experiment with different things and techniques and this is how I have a box of crafting tools that I combine with all of them in my works and therefore each piece has its own uniqueness.
  • How do you paint on large walls?
    Everything starts from the idea of the desired style and the creation of the sketch. When it comes to the execution stage, I combine freehand drawing and painting, with acrylic wall paints or sprays, and in addition, if there is a more complex drawing, I use a projector to help understand the proportions and map the object that I want on the wall or using stencils that help to reach a higher level of accuracy, and then going over the lines with paint or acrylic markers, as well as adding more details to complete the drawing freehand.
  • What is acrylic glass?
    Acrylic glass or by its other name - the "Perspex" (there are other names but these names are the most familiar). It is a glass-like raw material, with properties of transparency that simulate glass with high visibility and durability, together with qualities flexibility and lightness that allows the adjustment of shapes and sizes as needed more than the glass we know. The material can be used to create a variety of options, some of which are popular and used especially for various design purposes as well as printing art on the acrylic glass to obtain the appearance of glass with adapted, comfortable and safe qualities.
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