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Me as Joy
JOY- the artist with paint brush

My Story

My name is Irena Budagov, also known as Joy. My unique journey in the world of art began in my 20’s, when I fell in love with the movement of the paintbrush, the different colors and textures as well as the endless possibilities of expressing my vision on a blank white canvas.

I am a self-learning artist, so at the beginning I and was assisted by the digital world, which allowed me to be exposed to a vast array of ideas, possibilities, learning and understanding color, light and shadow games, various techniques and aesthetics. I created paintings and gave them as gifts to family, friends, work colleagues. I felt that by giving each individual a painting, I was sharing a piece of me.

For me art is a process, a certain path, and the tools that I carry along the journey are the people that I meet, the thoughts, feelings and emotions. My inspiration is driven by all sorts of aspects in life, by nature, music and dance, other artists, designers and new ideas the I come across, all form my individual experience are expressed through my art.

 I season every painting with my story, a part of me. My story is about a choice, choosing to live life in color, choosing what to focus on from our life’s experiences and feelings. I believe in shaping of the mind and spirit by developing positive point of view and packing this energies and drive for my journey.

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